Topic 1
Are books more important than experience? Upon the question that which source is more important?
Knowledge gained from experience or from books? People may have different opinions. Admittedly, both of them have advantages and disadvantages, and they are both important. The undeniable fact is that to everything that is learned is contained in books? If someone who wants to know how to swim or drive just reads through books but never experiences himself, he can learn nothing in the end. This example can tell us how important it is to gain knowledge from experience. But as for me, a college student, I would say, gaining knowledge from books is more important. There are three reasons support my point of view. The main reason for my propensity for gaining knowledge from books is that, some knowledge can never be learned from experience. As we all know, some knowledge is recorded by scientists or people from ancient times to present, from home and abroad. They are the symbol of wisdom. We can say books are not only excellent source for us to know about the past, but also excellent source for us to know what is happening in the world today, and what is probably going on in the future. Without books, how can we gain the precious knowledge from our forefathers? Without books, how can we know one thing or two about the outer space? Obviously, it is impossible to know that from experience. A more personal reason why I think knowledge from books is a more important source is that it is not only a broader source, but also, it is an efficient way to learn. Gaining knowledge from books can save us a lot of time and energy. As a college student, it is not necessary to test every theory in one`s own experience; and it is not necessary to get involved in explaining every phenomenon you meet by your own experience. Just look into your books! The knowledge from books can help you understand them more quickly and even better! The last but not the least reason, knowledge gained from experience is relatively limited when compared with knowledge gained from books. Our life is limited. Time waits for no man. So, if we want to learn more, reading books is a better way! Through reading books, we will better develop our personality and our moral integrity, above all, enrich our own knowledge! As I stated above, if you want to explore the mysteries in the treasure house of knowledge, pick up your books, and you will find the way! When we are on the way to learn something, both books and experience are very essential resources. Experience is the most direct and efficient way to gain knowledge. Since the world is so mysterious that a lot of phenomenon seemed natural cannot be explained, and society is so complex that we may easily judge things merely according to our imagination, experience engaged in some certain activity, doing research on physics and running companies in markets, for example, are really necessary. In such cases, experience does give us a hand to gain much more knowledge beyond our scope. However, books are sometimes indispensable. Books can be divided into two kinds. One is basic knowledge, which is the fundament for further study, especially when we are young, not capable enough to do things demanding practice and mature enough to decide or judge things in the right way. The other is special knowledge and theoretical explanation in certain fields, such as pharmacy, embryology; when we need it sometimes. We have to learn from books, for our common sense not come in handy. Although both experience and books can help us, as always, be on the right track, they may sometimes lead us to receive wrong information. Because our experiences are gained from our direct observation, it is inevitable mixed with some our subjectivity, which, not surprisingly lead to wrong understanding of something. And books, such as stocking guided books, may do little to reduce investment risk, or even mislead people, considering what the financial future holds can now be predicted with certainty. No person can claim that he is able to learn everything only through experience or only from books. The way to learn is relatively different varying from periods to periods, occupation to occupation, individual to individual. We can choose the most appropriate way in accordance with our own situation

Topic 2
Do you learn better by yourself or with a teacher?

Some people think that it is always better to have a teacher while others believe that they can learn better by themselves. In my opinion, the best way of learning is always with a teacher. There are lots of reasons for that but I would like to focus on three of them which I consider most important. First of all, teachers can give me reasonable explanations when I do not understand subject matters. It is always better to have a teacher, whom I can depend on, to solve the problem or to dispel my confusion. Otherwise, I would learn the subject by heart without comprehending its real meaning. Second, since an educational process is difficult people often make mistakes while exercising or learning. That is way, it is always better to learn with a teacher who will correct my mistakes and focus my attention on the reasons why I make such. In addition, dealing with students and assisting them gain higher levels of knowledge make teachers into people with a great deal of experience and erudition. I think that they can help me not only manage with difficulties but they can also pass on me a bit of their wisdom and knowledge. On the contrary there are those who think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. The reasons might be that they feel sufficient self-confidence explanations; teachers are valuable sources of advice and help. That is why, I truly believe that it is always better to have a teacher when I climb the ladder of success or they do not need any outer help while learning and exercising. Besides correcting mistakes and giving different.
Topic 3
What are some important characteristics of a co-worker?

Nowadays, teamwork is an essential element of the society. We all work with people every day. A co-worker is a person with whom we work closely and share tasks. In my opinion, the important characteristics of a co-worker should be as followed. First of all, an important character of a co-worker should be reliability. As we often have to encounter a lot of problems at work, it is a good thing to work with someone that we can always count on. A reliable co-worker can help us with problems that we cannot solve by ourselves. Also, if we happen to be absent from work, a reliable co-worker can always backup what we have been working on and make correct decisions even without us. Last of all, another important character of a co-worker should be responsibility. Indeed, no one would want an irresponsible person as his or her co-worker. It would be a nightmare if your co-worker does not do anything and leave everything for you to finish. On the other hand, a responsible co-worker not only do his own part of work, but also, as soon he finishes his own, helps you finish yours, which in turn enhances the efficiency of the work. A responsible co-worker can help others work more efficiently by giving others aid in addition to getting their part of job done. To summarize, as I have stated above, a good co-worker should be reliable and responsible. A co-worker that possesses these characteristics can certainly help enhance the progress of work and benefit his or her colleagues as well.

Topic 4
What is a very important skill a person should learn?

With the development of science and technology, the world is no longer what it used to be. Everyone should master one or more skills in order to survive and succeed in the world. As far as I am concerned, the most important skill one should learn is to teach himself or herself. To begin with, no one can depend on a teacher in the whole life. In high school and university, several teachers can teach you physics, chemistry, biology and so on. But when you find a job and leave school, few people will tell you how to solve the problem you encounter in the job. What you can do is to read books and find the answers yourself. If you do not have the ability to teach yourself, it is difficult to survive in the world. In addition, what we have learned in the school is probably not enough. Nowadays new science and technology develop very rapidly. Suppose you are majored in computer. As we all know, the computer science is changing fast. New idea and concept may appear every day. Once you stop studying, you may probably leave behind and even lose your job. Last but not least, keeping studying can lead you to a high salary job. If you understand the most advanced knowledge, lots of companies may hire you, because the more science one can master, the higher productivity he will have. Do you have a dream to have a good job? If you do, learn how to teach yourself right now. So from what has been discussed, one can reach only this conclusion that teaching himself or herself is a very important skill a person should learn in order to be successful in the world today.
Topic 5
Travel with a companion vs. travel alone?

With the development of economy and the living standard being raised immensely, more and more people can afford to travel to different places in their vacation, expecting to see more of the world and meanwhile have a relaxation after a period of hard work. And generally, people prefer to travel with a companion, believing it would be more fun. Whereas other people choose to travel alone, maintaining that it offers more freedom and fewer restraints. According to my personality and fondness, I would certainly choose to travel with a companion. Numerous reasons can be cited, and I would in here explain a few most important ones. The first and foremost reason is safety. I believe it would be safer to travel with a companion than without. On the long journey of traveling, no one can foresee what would occur. It is not unusual to be encountered with some emergent happenings. For example, you may come down with a sudden illness, like sunstroke, or diarrhea. On such occasions, it would be disastrous if you do not have someone around to take care of you when you are far out in a remote place. What`s more, what if you are unlucky to meet some ill-intentioned guys? Secondly, as traveling is an activity from which you expect to get fun and during which you hope to learn more about the world, and it would impossible to do so if you travel alone. For example, when you come to a spectacular place and its natural beauty tremendously amazes you and you strongly feel liking sharing your feelings with someone, but there is no one around, then how would you feel? I am sure you could not fully appreciate the beautiful scenery. Moreover, it would surely add richness to your journey if you and your companion discuss about and comment on what you see and what you hear on the way. The above discussion is far from an exhaustive one, but we can clearly see the advantages of traveling with a companion. So I would choose to travel with a companion without hesitation.

Topic 6
There are many different ways of communications, such as letters, emails, or telephone calls. However face-to-face communication still remains the most efficient way of communication between people. Firstly, in face-to-face communication people can get direct response from the other party. When we talk with our friends, we can get feedback immediately from their verbal response, body language and facial expressions. Based on these responses, we can know what`s the next step to take, such as how to carry on the conversation, and change the direction or finish the conversation if necessary. Sometimes, speaking words and body languages may not mean the same thing. Although we can hear words from a telephone conversation from our friends but we do not always know if they really mean it. This is also true in criminal inspections. Police inspectors can judge whether the suspect is telling the truth through his or her body languages, therefore get new clues and solve a criminal case more quickly. Thus, face-to-face communication is more perceptible and can help us understand a speaker`s true feeling better than other ways of communication. Secondly, face-to-face communication is the most helpful way to express ourselves. In communication it is just not enough for us to say the words; we need eye contact, body language to express our feelings. Sometimes we are so happy or angry that we are out of words. At these times, there is nothing more efficient to express our happiness or anger than a big hug or turn our face to another side. When we are a tourist in a foreign country, language is not always enough, and gesticulations might help us get understood more quickly. We can order in a restaurant by simply pointing our fingers to the menu when we do not know how to pronounce an item exactly. Finally, face-to-face communication is indispensable in situations such as a relationship. Lovers need body contact such as a hug, a kiss and more, which cannot be done in letters or emails. Although lovers can use letters or emails to communicate, being apart for a long time is definitely not beneficial to a relationship. In brief, face-to-face communication is a very important way for us. It is good for better understanding. It is more visible, direct and more effective than any other ways.

Topic 7a
Does luck has anything to do with success?

“SUCCESS AND LUCK ALWAYS REMAIN TOGETHER”. My own experience has always taught me that success always finds its way with a person blessed with both luck and hard work. Firstly, there is no short cut to success. It has always been a reality in the lives of people who have succeeded. “As you sow so shall you reap”. The hard work one puts in shall never go a waste. In spite of many failures and obstacles in life one is only advised to do more hard work and go with patience, the result of which together is, always sweet. No one in the world is ever asked to stop doing hard work the result of which is just a failure. Nevertheless, it is also a fact that however hard one works, he finds his way only if luck blesses him. Luck has its own role to play. One reaches his destiny when his luck favors him. I strongly believe that luck is just doing your things in just the way they have to be done in the right way and in the right manner. Luck is nothing but the blessings of our elders, well wishers, friends, teachers etc. And in due course of life when you respect these people their blessings are always with you and thereby things are made easy for us. And when these blessings, so called LUCK, couples up with hard work there is only success in one`s life. Lastly, I would like to state that one`s life is what one makes out of it. Success is never a short instantly achieved path. It needs lots of hard work, determination and blessings. And success is always there for such people. So I would suggest to all the people younger to me to believe that hard work done today shall be paid back to you in near future.
Topic 7b
Throughout their lives all people strive to succeed. To achieve this most of them work hard and rely only on themselves in making their dreams come true. But in this process of continuous toiling they encounter luck or lack of it, and sometimes it proves crucial to a person’s development. In my opinion hard work is the main thing that defines success, but in most cases luck also plays a very important role. First of all, hard work can be controlled by people, but luck can’t. Everyone can decide whether to work hard or not, but almost no one can predict luck. That’s why people should toil and be dependent on their knowledge, not on their luck. For example, two friends of mine were preparing for an exam at the same time. One of them was studying very much, and the other one hoped he will have luck to pass the exam, because he was always lucky. At the day of the exam the first got a great score, because he was well prepared, and the second failed, because that day he had bad luck. Second, although hard work is most important, sometimes people need little luck. Luck, however, doesn’t come to all people who wish for it, but only to those who are prepared for it. For instance, Michael Faraday, the famous physicist, discovered one of the most important laws in physics by chance. But I think that it’s not surprising that he was lucky then. Faraday had studied so deeply this subject that he was ready to investigate this phenomenon, conduct experiments about it, and finally formulate it, so that all people can use it. And finally, I think that there are situations in which luck prevails over hard work and knowledge, and without it the person can’t achieve anything. There are also people who traditionally have bad luck, and it’s very difficult for them to succeed. For example, my cousin worked day and night over a project and finally completed it just a day before the deadline. Unfortunately, the next day when he was reviewing it for the last time he spilled his cup of coffee over it. The project was useless, and because of his bad luck my cousin got a poor mark. In summary, I think that both hard work and luck are crucial to one’s development, but we should work hard in order to ensure success as much as possible, although sometimes bad luck may make our effort useless. But after all, we can’t depend on something we can’t control.
Topic 8:

Do you learn better by yourself or with a teacher?

There are various methods for people to study. Some people would like to study with their teachers, but others believe that it will be better to study alone. Actually, both means have comparable advantages. Personally, however, I am confident that studying with teachers is the best way to learn for many reasons. First of all, teachers can give students their experiences that do not exist in any text book. Other than academic practice, teachers will teach their students how to work in teams, how to live with other people in societies, how to handle with stress, etc. These experiences are sometimes as important as academic knowledge, but students will never perceive them if they study alone. Next, teachers can be the consultants for their students. When people study math, for instance, they will face sooner or later some clues that they cannot find solutions. Teachers then can play the vital role to help their students get through it thoroughly. If students study without teachers, can you imagine how much time will be spent on those problems? Lastly, teachers can help shape their students` future careers. Teachers will perhaps be the ones who know their students` academic ability the best. Therefore, they can guide students to choose careers that exactly fit their ability. For examples, teachers will encourage students who are good at sciences to be doctors, or who are excellent in math to be businessmen. All in all, I strongly believe that advantages of studying with teachers totally supercede studying alone; teachers will give their experiences, teachers can be good consults, and teachers can help match their student’s abilities to careers.