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Magic Kaito

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Alternative title(s):
Kaito Kid (German) まじっく快斗 (Japanese) 神偷怪盜 (Chinese (Taiwan))

Released in: 2010

Plot Summary: Kuroba Kaito loves to do magic, and he is a good performer. At high school, his childhood friend/girl friend tries to keep the boy inline. Of course Nakamori Aoko isn’t gentle with the boy she’d never admit to loving. One morning, the classroom is filled with the talk about “Kaitou Kid,” a jewerly thief who uses magic in his robberies. Kaito isn’t impressed with this so called legend that reappeared after eight years, and says he could easily take the thief magic to magic. At home, thinking about his dead father who was also a magician, Kaito stumbles upon a hidden doorway in his room. He discovers his father was the original Kaitou Kid. But since he is dead, he wonders who the supposed Kaitou Kid from recent robberies is. Kaito puts on his father’s hat and cape, becomes Kaitou Kid to search out the imposter.

Episode list of Magic Kaito : 11 episode(s)

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